Sunday afternoon notes 2.20.2011

Sunday, 20 February 2011 14:01
Written by Colin Dunlap

Workouts are finished for today, here are some things I noticed whilst milling around Pirate City today:

+ An intriguing aspect of the workouts were the rundown and "pickle" drills, where players were in rundowns either after being picked off by a pitcher or following a batted ground ball. Quite obviously, the runner was not attempting to get free, it had more to do with the defense perfecting technique, but it was eye-opening to see Andrew McCutchen's speed and how, if he really wanted to, he could have escaped a few of the "pickles."

+ Not just his speed, but McCutchen's power was on display today. He hit more than a few balls over the batting cages as he was taking batting practice. To my eye, at least, he seemed to be hammering the baseball as well as anyone.

+ There was a piece written on catcher Chris Snyder recently on the subscriber portion of Apparently (and I have just seen snippets as I've been busy) it quantified his not-so-fleet-of-foot status. During the aformentioned rundown drill today, Snyder said, after chasing a guy down, "not so bad for a guy who is
statistically slow, huh?" Thought that was worth a chuckle -- and a mention on here.

+When the first-teamers (if you will) were taking infield, it was Pedro Alvarez at third, Ronny Cedeno and Pedro Ciriaco at short, Neil Walker by his lonesome at second and Lyle Overbay and Garrett Atkins at first. There was no catcher, as they were handling the pitchers in the bullpens.

+ Jose Tabata looked tremendously comfortable yanking just about anything on the inside half down the left-field line. He buried four or five of those such pitches deep beyond the wall with what looked like relative ease during BP. But, what seemed like a bigger display of his newfound bulk was how he was hitting the ball into the right-centerfield gap.


Lyle Overbay

Run Down Drills

Chuck Morton

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