In an ongoing battle to kill off Spammers, we have decided to install an Add-On/Modifaction to the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern that forces anyone who wish to make a post in :

(and all of their sub-forums)

.... to need 5 posts before they can start a Thread.

I have been able to safe guard against spammers on a Temporary basis with various different Add-Ons/Modifcations and was holding out on this one in case it was needed. It's needed

This ironically should also prevent Trolls from starting Threads instantly as well. Spammers seem to be targeting the main Sports forums here, so I wasn't worried about doing any of the Front Office and Buffet 'N Smorgasboard forums.

If the Post count needs to be higher in the future, we'll adjust it. If I need to add the "non-sports" rooms to the list, we'll do that later and advise everyone of the changes