ESPN says Quinn will start Monday
Published: Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From wire reports

Even though Browns head coach Eric Mangini said he won't announce the team's quarterback for Monday's game until tomorrow, an ESPN analyst claims he knows the answer.

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter said in a report on the sports network's Web site that sources have told him that Brady Quinn will start Monday against the Ravens in Baltimore.

Quinn was the team's starter at the beginning of the season and was replaced midway through the third game of the season -- also against the Ravens -- because he was ineffectual. His replacement, Derek Anderson, was replaced during the Browns' last game, a loss Nov. 1.

It was all about the money, if Quinn didn't play enough the Brown Buttholes wouldn't have to pay any bonuses on his contract, now they want him to hone his game so they can shop him for a trade. I hope we **** him up.


Browns trying to avoid Monday night blackout.

Mangini thinks the Browns will be the Patriots by 2010.,201384