Fan perspective: Seattle Mariners beer vendor to fill orders via Twitter
By Todd Pheifer, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Apr 8, 2011

Seattle Mariners fans in select sections can now order their beer through Twitter.

Now that smart phones can be used for so many different purposes, it was probably only a matter of time before baseball fans started getting their favorite baseball beverage with the latest technology. It is likely that it will still take a bit of time to see if this actually becomes standard practice.

The beer vendor in question is a man named Kevin Zelko, who reasons that people with smart phones may be more likely to have more money, and therefore can afford to order more beer. His plan is to check his Twitter account on a regular basis as he walks around the stadium and then adjust his route according to the orders that come in from the people in his section. In an ideal situation, he believes it may actually make his route more efficient than just wandering the aisles.

What is unclear is whether this is a gimmick or whether it can actually work from a logistical standpoint. Anyone who has ever been to a baseball game knows that a beer vendor already has their hands full, and they must delicately balance a heavy load while they call out for customers and try to avoid spilling the beer or falling down the stairs. Adding the mental task of checking a smart phone may be a problem, particularly if the vendor is in one section and the customer is not particularly close.

The beer vendor's Twitter page does have a posted limit on the sections that he covers, but it still might be a tough task to get the beer out in a timely fashion.

If this works, stadiums may quickly copy it all across the country. However, will it forever change the climate and the sounds of the classic baseball stadium? Fans are used to someone walking up and down the aisles shouting, "Cold beer here! Get 'yer cold beer!" Will this sound disappear as fans quietly type into their smart devices and the beer vendors wander over to silently deliver the requested beverage?

Only time will tell is this becomes an actual trend.