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Thread: Happy Mothers Day

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    Default Happy Mothers Day

    Wanted to post this earlier,but I got busy. If your mom is alive,tell her how much she means to you,if she is gone,live your life in a way that would make her proud.
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    Cool Re: Happy Mothers Day in Heaven

    MOTHERíS DAY IN HEAVEN Itís Motherís Day in heaven, and though we loved them so, God gently called our mothers home. We knew they had to go. They had fulfilled their task on earth. Theyíd served Him every day. They loved and cared and prayed a...nd shared. God had shown them the way. They must be kneeling by Godís throne and asking Him to send His love to each and every child, and every special friend. Iím sure theyíve not forgotten their loved ones here on earth. Their happiness must rival that of when they gave us birth. They must feel young and strong again and equal to each task That God would have them to fulfill. They need not even askÖ For He would know that in their hearts they know and love us still, And that they seek to serve Him yet within His blessed will. Perhaps theyíve joined the angel choir and sing their songs of praise, Rejoicing in Godís presence throughout un-numbered days. While we cannot imagine the beauty of that place, Our mothers see and understand the wonder of Godís grace. Yes, itís Motherís Day in heaven, that home beyond the blue, And our mothers will be waiting until we join them, too. So trust in God. Give Him your heart, refuse a life of sin. Believe His word, accept His son, and He will let us in.

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    Default Re: Happy Mothers Day

    Ah shucks.............and here I thought you were calling all of us mothers!

    Sincerely, mine has outlived two of her four children. She deserves an easier time of it.
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    Default Re: Happy Mothers Day

    Quote Originally Posted by buccoray61 View Post
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    Wanted to post this earlier,but I got busy. If your mom is alive,tell her how much she means to you,if she is gone,live your life in a way that would make her proud.
    Excellent! I will remember this.

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