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Thread: Jordy Mercer

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    Default Jordy Mercer

    Does anyone know if the Pirates have changed his swing? I noticed he hit two more HR's today. He has 6 on the season already. His average is only .233, but he has been getting alot of hits lately after an awful start.

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    Default Re: Jordy Mercer

    I’ve always liked Mercer...even more than D"Arnaud. He is a ML caliper SS in the field but the rap on him has always been will he hit. He has been average offensively his whole career….. he needs to have that breakout season.

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    Default Re: Jordy Mercer

    I was at the game. He turned on two hanging curve balls. Locke looked real good, too, altho he never hit 90 mph, which worried me some. Very impressed with Marte.

    It was a good day to be a Curve. Both Miles Durham and Jose Hernandez, org filler, both hit their first HRs of the year.

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