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Thread: Mike Tyson arrested in airport scuffle with paparazzo

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    Default Mike Tyson arrested in airport scuffle with paparazzo

    Mike Tyson arrested in airport scuffle with paparazzo
    By Alan Duke, CNN
    November 12, 2009 9:48 a.m. EST

    An incident at a Los Angeles International Airport ticket counter led to Tyson's arrest, police say.
    Mike Tyson arrested on battery charge after hitting photographer, police say
    Police: Incident happened at ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport
    NEW: Tyson was released on a signature bond
    Mike Tyson
    Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Former boxing champ Mike Tyson was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge after a scuffle with a celebrity photographer who was following him at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, police said.
    Tyson, 43, allegedly landed one punch to the head of the paparazzo, sending him to the floor at the United Airlines ticket counter, airport police Sgt. Jim Holcomb said.
    The photographer was taken to a hospital for treatment of a cut suffered when he hit the floor, Holcomb said.
    The photographer and Tyson were placed under citizen's arrest on misdemeanor battery complaints filed by each against the other, he said.
    Holcomb did not know which -- if any -- media organization the photographer worked for.
    Tyson was calm and cooperative when he was taken to an airport police station holding cell, Holcomb said.
    A crowd of photographers lined the driveway as a patrol car -- with Tyson sitting handcuffed in the back -- left the airport police station for a south Los Angeles police station for booking.
    Tyson was released on a signature bond, according to LAX spokesman Albert Rodriguez.
    The injured photographer also was to be booked after his treatment at the hospital's emergency room, Holcomb said.
    The boxer told police he changing planes at LAX, on his way to Las Vegas from Europe, Holcomb said.
    Tyson, former holder of the three major heavyweight world titles, retired from competitive professional boxing in 2005.
    CNN's Sonya Hamasaki contributed to this report.

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    Default Re: Mike Tyson arrested in airport scuffle with paparazzo

    I just watched that Tyson movie. He seems to really want to turn his life around. And he's broke up about his daughter. Trouble just seems to follow him like a magnet.

    That wife. The ****ed up rape conviction.

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    Default Re: Mike Tyson arrested in airport scuffle with paparazzo

    Wait what? Mike Tyson arrested? This...this...this can't be.

    We are talking about one of the most upstanding citizens our country has ever produced. Ignore his past racial remarks or the wife beating or the biting of another man's ear or the rape conviction or the DUI and drug arrest.

    This recent arrest just floors me only because Mike is not known for putting his hands on another person or his teeth for that matter.

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