Getting to know: Curtis Brown
May, 13, 2011
By James Walker

The AFC North blog continues its series on getting to know incoming rookies from the 2011 NFL draft.

[IMGR][/IMGR]Friday we take a look at former Texas cornerback Curtis Brown, who was taken in the third round by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Depending on what happens in free agency, Brown could be asked to play a large role in Pittsburgh's secondary as a rookie.

Here is the full scouting report on Brown via the draft guide of Sporting News:

Strengths: Is a tall, quick-footed and athletic cornerback. Shows quick feet, good agility and balance, which enables him to change directions quickly. Has the speed to stay on the receiver's hip. Willing to put his hands on the receiver at the line of scrimmage to slow his release. Is aggressive closing on the receiver and going for the pass. Can come up the field and make good tackles in run support.

Weaknesses: Must improve his footwork and backpedal. Sometimes gets caught with his eyes in the backfield, loses contact with the receiver and does not recover to make a play on the ball. Isn't as physical as he needs to be against receivers.