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Thread: minor league question

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    Default minor league question

    What can you guys tell me about Eric Fryer? He is a bit old to be considered a prospect seeing that he just got called up to AAA. He hit very well this year at Altoona. He use to be a catcher and seems like he mostly plays OF these days. Can he catch well enough to get a call-up at some point? Can he hit well enough to warrant one eventually?
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    Default Re: minor league question

    From what I've read, Fryer probably tops out as a backup C, MLB-wise.

    He has come along recently, which is about right, as catchers tend to develop slower than other position players. His age shouldn't be too much of a factor.
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    Default Re: minor league question

    Fryer was part of a minor deal with the Spankees involving Eric Hinske. He is a decent catch and throw guy who has now started to hit so he has a chance but yes he's a little old. He can also play OF which increases his versatility and value to a team. The reason he has played a lot of OF with the Curve this year is because of Tony Sanchez and the want to get both bats in the lineup. He seems to be getting I wouldn't count him out.

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