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Thread: Finally win one at Citi Field

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    Default Finally win one at Citi Field

    1-9 now. The corner has been turned. I also believe that's the 16th road win.
    1 more and we tie the entire 2010 road win figure.

    Some thoughts after watching last night's game.

    1. Ray Searage for President. He's produced (thus far) a terrific pitching staff.

    2. Neal Walker for Vice-President. I hope this kid plays his entire career in Pgh.

    3. After watching Dusty Brown play 1 game, he's most likely the Buc's best catcher. Hard to imagine Donut playing in Pgh next year and quite likely all of this year.

    4. Nice pick-up of Josh Harrison. He looked very comfortable and drove in the tying run and scored the winning run (I think. Maybe it was the 3rd run)

    5. Did I mention how well our pitching has been? Team ERA is 6th in the league. Slows down the rush to bring some of the youngsters up.

    6. Having Cedeno look over his shoulder has really improved his play.

    7. All this without Pedro.

    8. Or Rendon.

    9. Anything to upgrade Overbay, Jones, Diaz, Wood would be a major step into reaching that elusive .500 first step.

    10. You fill it in.


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    Default Re: Finally win one at Citi Field

    ok...side question often are ANY coaches kept when a skipper is replaced? Was thinking I don't remember anyone ever being held over the way Searage was, let alone promoted, when there was a managerial change?

    agree on #9. I've never been a Jones fan the way so many seem to be. he's certainly better than Derek Bell, Jeromy Burnitz, etc...but he's just not offensively potent enough to be an everyday RF on a contending team. Overbay certainly isn't in anyone's long-term plans (or even mid-term), and Wood's done absolutely nothing to impress me this year (nor has Diaz).

    I'm excited to see what BN gives NH the lattitude to do as the team gets better. While my thoughts over the winter were that we'd need to see NH start having to pay for pitchers in the FA/trade market, it looks as though we'll be moving more toward bats.

    I don't see us making any bold moves this season to re-vamp the lineup, but it seems to me that BN's promise to spend money when the team's ready will be here this off season...curious to see what kind of sleeves he'll allow NH to have to pull something out of.

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    Default Re: Finally win one at Citi Field

    Bowker, Bowker, Bowker....!

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