From the Post Gazette........****, I wish I could go to a Mountaineers game this coming season...
I wonder if it will be more fun than back when we tailgated and drank beers out the *** and a BOTTLE of Jack Daniels before entering the gate back in the mid-late 1970's!!??? I like this new policy for partying legally AT the game however.......I doubt PSU would ever do this...they are so conservative at the game.....not in the town though.....

WVU approves alcohol sales in football stadium
Friday, June 03, 2011
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
West Virginia University's Board of Governors approved a new policy today allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages at Milan Puskar Stadium this fall.

The board also instructed the WVU Department of Athletics to track results of the policy during the 2011 football season and file a report after the season.

In recommending the policy change, Athletic Director Oliver Luck said it is part of an overall plan to improve game-day operations and public safety, including no stadium re-entry after halftime and adding designated smoking areas outside the stadium concourse. In the past, fans could leave the stadium at halftime to attend tailgate parties in stadium parking lots and re-enter by showing a ticket stub and a pass-out check issued at stadium gates.

Mr. Luck said there will be no tolerance for out-of-control fan behavior at the stadium and that staff will strictly enforce the policy of no alcohol being brought into the stadium.

He said there will be strict enforcement of ID checks along with a limit on purchases. No alcohol points of sale will be allowed near the student sections, and there will be no beer sales in the seating areas or after the mid-point of the third quarter.

The concessionaire, not WVU, will hold the beer license, and employees will be trained in responsible drinking management and intervention procedures, including a designated driver program, Mr. Luck said, adding that he believes the changes will help keep more fans in the stands and improve the atmosphere.

"By changing the re-entry procedure and smoking areas at the stadium along with today's change in policy, I believe we have taken a step forward toward our goal of a safer, friendlier and more civil game-day experience," Mr. Luck said.

The board also approved a $938 million combined budget for WVU's main and regional campuses, including salary increases for faculty and staff.

It also approved a multiyear, $159.5 million capital projects budget in support of WVU's strategic plan, which includes a new engineering research building and a new agricultural sciences building.

Tuition and fees were also increased 4.9 percent.

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