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Thread: Looking ahead at possbile pitching matchups for the next month.

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    Default Looking ahead at possbile pitching matchups for the next month.

    These are the probable pitchers for the next nine series for the pirates. Remember the key word is probable pitchers. These are not set in stone. The clubs could change their starters before the all star break is over, the pitchers could get injured, need to miss a start or the game could be postponed until a later date (meaning not within that series). One other thing to consider is trades. Maholm may be traded at the end of July. Other teams may have traded their starters or received other starters in trades.

    There were some rumors going around that the Pirates may go to a six man rotation, but listening to Neal H's show, Maholm says he wants to stay as close to the 5th game as possible. I wouldn't mess up Maholm's routine when he is pitching so well.

    SF, MIL, HOU are the only teams I looked at that had their full 5 man rotation up and SD was close with 4. CIN only had one starter up.

    I got everything from the sortable schedule on the MLB website.

    @HOU Karstens vs Myers
    @HOU Maholm vs Norris
    @HOU Correia vs Rodriquez
    vsCIN 4th starter vs 4th starter
    vsCIN 5th starter vs 5th starter
    vsCIN Cueto vs Karstens
    vsSTL Carpenter vs Maholm
    vsSTL Garcia vs Correia
    vsSTL 4th starter vs 4th starter
    @ATL 5th starter vs Hudson
    @ATL Karstens vs 2nd starter
    @ATL Maholm vs 3rd starter
    @ATL Correia vs 4th starter
    @PHI 4th starter vs 4th starter
    @PHI 5th starter vs 5th starter
    @PHI Karstens vs Worley
    vsCHC Dempster vs Maholm
    vsCHC Zambrano vs Correia
    vsCHC Wells vs 4th starter
    vsCHC 5th starter vs 5th starter
    vsSD Harang vs Karstens
    vsSD Moseley vs Maholm
    vsSD Luebke vs Correia
    @SF 4th starter vs Zito
    @SF 5th starter vs Cain
    @SF Karstens vs Vogelsong
    @MIL Maholm vs Narveson
    @MIL Correia vs Greinke
    @MIL 4th starter vs Marcum

    The Pirates should miss Hamels and Lincecum. They may also miss Halladay (who's next start wasn't announced) if he follows Hamels in the 3rd start after the break.

    The Milwaukee series looks tough. At least they should miss Gallardo.

    I want to emphasize one last time, these are probable pitching matchups and are very early. They will most likely change and will not happen, with exception of the first couple series. In order for this schedule to work, everything would have to be perfect. No one gets traded, injured (or come back from injury) or skipped. No postponed games. No bringing up rookie starters or using any different size rotations. Each game would have to be played with the same 5 man rotation.

    Even though the bottom half may not happen, it is still fun to look ahead.
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