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Thread: A Rupee For Your Thoughts

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    Default A Rupee For Your Thoughts

    What is the status of those two Indian game show winners that were signed by the Pirates? I note that Rinku Singh pitched 2 innings yesterday for West Virginia and is sporting a 1.80 ERA. That's one. Where's the other? Any hope for either one?

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    Default Re: A Rupee For Your Thoughts

    I believe I read somewhere that the other guy was released!!! Don't quote me but I think that was the case!

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    Default Re: A Rupee For Your Thoughts

    Dinesh was released after last season. Rinku Singh was always considered the better prospect of the two. The two kind of came as a package deal, and it was probably good for Rinku to have someone else along for the ride as he attempted to get adjusted to everything. Rinku has made a crazy amount of progress, and probably made it further than anyone anticipated by making it to West Virginia this year. He's not much of a prospect, as he rarely makes it out of the mid-80s (sometimes even low-80s), and has a very long way to go with a secondary pitch. He could still at least hang around for a while, and maybe top out at AA. Anything beyond that would be a miracle.

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