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Thread: Tomlin on win over Falcons

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    Default Tomlin on win over Falcons

    http:// on win over Falcons
    Posted 10 hours ago

    aaCoach Mike Tomlin's postgame assessment following the 34-16 win over the Atlanta Falcons:

    It was a good performance for us. I guess I will start with the injury report. I think thatís pretty significant. Byron Leftwich broke his arm. I donít have any additional information in terms of the time that heís going to be out. I am sure itís going to be an extended period of time. It just goes to show you that itís good to have four NFL-capable quarterbacks in a training camp-like setting. Weíve gone through this several times over the last few years. It always has its way of working itself out. Itís going to be a factor here moving forward. Miguel Chavis looks like he tore his pectoral, the young tight end for us. The rest of the injuries are minimal, in game kind of injuries. Maurkice Pouncey re-aggravated his ankle. It shouldnít be a major deal. I liked the splash plays. We had some big plays offensively and defensively. I thought it was the difference in the game. It was not a consistent, dominant performance that we were looking for or winning by attrition. But we were explosive offensively. We made key plays, game changing-like plays defensively. But we will have to learn from this. I understand though that canít be a continual recipe for us in terms of winning football games. Iíd like to see us win the line of scrimmage more definitively on offense. Iíd like to see us get off more consistently on third-down defensively, put more consistent pressure on the quarterback and have tighter coverage in the secondary. But we will take the win. We will hopefully continue to grow and move forward toward our opener.

    How is Keenan Lewis?
    I think heís going to be fine. They are running tests. Thatís one that I forgot, in game injury with his knee. We will have him evaluated and have more information at a later time.

    Is that the same for Casey Hampton?

    Did Pouncey hurt the same ankle?
    Yes. Sometimes you break up scar tissue on an existing injury. Itís very painful with a lot of discomfort, but nothing long term.

    Re: Antonio Brownís performance:
    He made some plays. He got behind some people and finished off some plays for us. It was consistent with his play in all of the preseason. He is a highly conditioned guy. Because of that heís able to take a lot of reps. Because of that heís able to improve and reap the rewards of it. Heís consistently been a spark plug here for us throughout the preseason and heís put himself in a position for that to continue as we push towards the regular season.

    The first team defense got about 50 snaps. Is that what you were looking fo?
    Again, I was talking about that group when I was talking about not getting off on third downs how we would like. They kicked three field goals or so in the first half. They were able to move the ball in open grass a little bit. We need to be more consistent in terms of the pressure we provide on third down. We have to be closer and challenge more potential catches. But thatís just looking at it from a knee-jerk reaction. Obviously, it was enough for us to win.

    Will you make some cuts tomorrow?
    We will make them before the deadline.

    Re: No turnovers by the offense in the first three preseason games:
    I like it, and Iíd like to see it continue.

    Re: Antonio Brownís penalty:
    Itís just not intelligent. We canít have those types of penalties. They hurt our football team.

    Is Bryant McFadden still your starter?
    Are these morons getting dumber or just louder-Mayor Quimby

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    Quote Originally Posted by buccoray61 View Post
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    Is Bryant McFadden still your starter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Les View Post
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    Because they are stuck with the bastard. He should be cut because what the Steelers get doesn't equal what they are giving him. But the next guy in line is your buddy Gay but they want him in the nickel. He is most effective there. Lewis is promising but hurt at the moment. We are just stuck with those guys unless someone gets cut on another team that they want.

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    Default Re: Tomlin on win over Falcons

    Injuries and all, it wouldn't surprise me to see them cut McFadden, possibly Hoke and Foote.

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