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Thread: Stains are a pathetic excuse for a franchise!!!

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    Default Stains are a pathetic excuse for a franchise!!!

    I'm certainly not saying anything earth shattering in the subject line, but I just watched highlights from the Gayvens/Stains game last night and besides it being a pathetic excuse for a football game, the Browns managed to embarrass themselves even more than usual! Coaches fighting each other on the sidelines, players not even knowing where to line up on the field, receivers running wrong routes, Brady Quinn making horrible throws and looking completely lost out there, etc etc etc! I just have one thing to's ****ing hilarious to see those *******s up there suffer through this! lol Oh, I have another thing to say after watching just the highlights of that comedy of errors in Cleveland....thank God I'm a Steeler fan! Even after that ugly loss yesterday, I can still appreciate how good we have it in this city and have had it for many years now with all the titles! The Stains' fans are just hoping their team looks respectable at some point! We're still 6-3 and it's far from over for us yet! The Stains will be lucky if they win another game this season as awful as they look!

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    Default Re: Stains are a pathetic excuse for a franchise!!!

    I did love that Brady Quinn managed to injure Bart Scott with a cheap shot at his knees, though.

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