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Thread: from a different angle on the long OT pass play

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    Default from a different angle on the long OT pass play

    upon further review on the long pass on OT the play after Ikes attempted INT (come on man you gotta come down with that so many DB's have better ball skills than ike does). I finally saw the end zone (from behind offense) view of the play and you can see that the player (chambers I think) is running across the field with the ball toward Deshea whose got his back to him, but then the guy (TE) who deshea was covering suddenly kindof grabs deshea and just before this happens you can see the other steeler defenders slow cause they think Deshea will make the tackle. Inexclipibly (sp??) he does not make the tackle cause Chiefs TE basically tackles and hugs deshea to the ground (you barely see the steeler player - deshea) on the ground on the regular camera angle. This angle was from the 4:00 PM ESPN prime time show. I just don't get it this explains why the rest of the team kindof slows up cause they think Deshea will easily make the tackle and then the TE for chiefs grabs Deshea...if that is not holding I don't know what is -- anyway mute point now but it makes me feel a bit better about that particular play anyway, but why don't the refs see this and why doesn't deshea turn around and make the tackle which he easily could have IF HE WAS NOT BEING HELD -- very puzzling indeed.
    for those with DVR's it was at about 4:18 ET time on the
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