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Thread: on NFLN tonight

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    Default on NFLN tonight

    Chiefs game on NFLN tonight at 8

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    Default Re: on NFLN tonight

    several observations from the 1st half of the chiefs game:

    1) BA please get rid of the 5 wide formation nothing good comes of it
    unless they throw a very quick screen. How many 5 wide formations have caused bad plays this year compared with the other formations -- its pretty simple. Stats anyone?

    2) Ben causes a lot of his own problems. One an overthrown ball on 1st drive to wallace which resulted which resulted in a FG. Ben had RM wide open in the left flat on the play and did not check the ball down to him. Also had heath open underneath -- why he doesn't see these things I'll never know. Makes me very suspicious of him indeed.

    3). Parker has terrible vision and doesn't follow his blocking. As a result I think they got a holding call on the play and they go backwards ultimately resulting in the 5 wide formation and ben's red zone INT. Why in the world is parker in there if RM is playing fine. RM has much better vision and is much more patient and follows his blocks.

    4) Its very apparent that defenses are not being faked out too much by Ben's pump fake. He needs to not use it as much and save it for using it only at most once in a game. LB are not bying it.

    5) Once you catch the ball Wallace, Ward ( this game and from 1st game) secure it.
    As in both hands on the ball especially if you've gotten a 1st down -- its so crucial. We are lucky we only had as many TO's as we gave away.

    6) Miller bad game on the deflection and personal foul. Catch the ball for goodness sake you're being paid how much to simply catch the ball.

    Incredibly depressing game to watch given that we dominated them so much.

    On the positive side these issues I think are all correctable and mostly mental errors and show lack of focus and concentration. That part that worries me is that Ben continues to throw INT's and doesn't check down to his outlets quick enough. NFLN showed how Farve reads all the coverage so quickly and gets rid of the ball incredibly well and quickly.

    one more thing: BTW next time we run a INT back for a pick 6...could we please call a timeout and let all the LB and DB's rest cause they are the ones who will be in on the KO coverage unit -- otherwise we'll be giving up another return like we did against the vikings.

    I sure hope we can turn the special teams around and TP please get better quick!

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    Default Re: on NFLN tonight

    I watched it again and came out with the same result as when I saw it Sunday....absolutely made me sick to my stomach.

    Steel0710, excellent observations.
    Like to comment on your #3 pertaining to Parker, after watching Mendy mature with each game he has played and comparing him to Willie, I just can't believe how Parker lasted this long in the league by being one dimensional (speed only) and his lack of true RB skills.

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