I know that the App Stores and such have had us all update our phones since this update when rolling out. I'm getting the chance now to throw the forum side updates on.

Here is what 4.0.0 brings..

Update note:

1. update installation with product xml file import
2. update plugin with tapatalk api level 4 support
3. add push notification support
4. fix search result unread status issue
5. fix online status issue
6. fix search compatibility issue
7. fix attachment type issue
8. fix advanced search pagination issue
9. fix announcement line break issue

3. add push notification support

I kind of hope that this will be nice. I've got it set up for Notifications. Ran a test on the site and made sure my phone was set up for them. Not sure how they will work but I hope they do, just don't know "how" they work yet