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Thread: We Are #SteelerNation

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    Default We Are #SteelerNation

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    We come from all over the world, we are from all walks of life, we span all age groups and we are mostly all strangers, yet at the same time we are a family.........we are SteelerNation. The fan base that is SteelerNation is unlike that of any other team in any other sport, we are the most recognizable fan base in the country. Watch any game that the Steelers are involved in, home or away, and you'll see us, the rabid fans of the Black and Gold turn the stands into a sea of Gold when we wave our Terrible Towels.

    No other fan base travels the way SteelerNation does and no other city is immune to the swarm of the tens of thousands of Black and Gold clad invaders who are coming to take over their stadiums and create the impression of it being a home game for our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. As much as we love our Steelers, the Steelers love us fans while openly acknowledging SteelerNation as playing a large part in six Super Bowl Titles.Click image for larger version. 

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    The Female Contingent

    Within the last couple of years, ESPN ran a poll that asked which professional sports team had the most female fans, the winner by a landslide was the Pittsburgh Steelers. The great thing about the women of the SteelerNation, something that must be pointed out, is that unlike other female fans of other teams, our women KNOW the Steelers and they KNOW football. Is there anything better in this world than a woman wearing a Steelers Jersey who knows the Steelers and football? Absolutely not. To the women of SteelerNation, I salute every one of yinz for all that you add to the best fan base on the planet.

    Pre-Game Festivities

    Not only does SteelerNation travel better than every other fan base, our tailgates are second to none as well. I live near chicago and have been to what were rather decent tailgates by Bears fans. I have also been to tailgates put on by Falcons fans when I lived in Atlanta and with Redskins fans when I was stationed in Norfolk, Va. All of those tailgates seemed rather subdued in comparison to the pre-game celebrations that take place in the parking lots around Heinz Field every game day. The atmosphere at a tailgate before a Steelers game seems to contain the energy of the last 42 years of steelers history and is as much of an event as the game itself. The Tailgate sets the tone for the entire game day experience in an atmosphere that can only be created by SteelerNation.

    From Strangers to Family

    The great thing about SteelerNation is that no matter where I've ever gone in this country and throughout the world when I was in the military, I've run into Steelers fans. While we met as strangers, we parted as family. With every other Steeler fan I have ever run across in my travels, we talked like we knew each other for years, which is part of what makes being a part of SteelerNation so special and a privilege. I am a steelworker and my team represents my industry and my city of birth, the city that built this nation.....a SteelerNation.
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    Default Re: We Are #SteelerNation

    Great write up! I love being in the family of Steeler Nation. You couldn't be more right. I try explaining to my friends how big of a deal it is, but they really think it's just like being a fan of another team. It's not. The Stranger thing couldn't be truer. I'm 15 and I have talked to guys of all ages for half hour, hour about the Steelers, just because we both happened to be wearing our gear that day. It truly is amazing. I can't speak much for the tailgating aspect, I have tailgated a little with my family at the games we went to, I do know the atmosphere is crazy, but I'm still too young (by my parents count) to understand the full expierence of tailgating.


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    Default Re: We Are #SteelerNation

    I live in an area that has Raven and Redskin fans about 20% each and its 60% Steeler fans. Its about equal distance to all three cities so Steelers still rule easily

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    Default Re: We Are #SteelerNation

    our tailgates are second to none as well
    Interesting read, but I'm not so sure about that one.
    Coming from a ticket holder, the North Shore is not as enjoyable as it used to be when it comes to tailgating. The addition of hotels and stage AE has taken away from the tailgating scene. In order to make room for those hotels and stage AE, they terminated parking passes from tailgaters and season ticket holders.
    Don't get me wrong, it's still an enjoyable and impressive experience, especially if you're not from Pittsburgh, but I wouldn't consider our tailgate "second to none" - at least not these days.

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