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Thread: How good is Lefty?

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    Default How good is Lefty?

    I was just wondering where Lefty would be if not with the Steelers. I'm not sure which team would take him(N.E. , Philly) but I think he would be in demand as a #2QB. As far as being made of glass he took a really good hit against KC and didn't break.I'm hoping to see him pass for 150 to 200 yds,just enough to keep the defense honest.This is a huge game for both teams and it should be like a playoff game .

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    Default Re: How good is Lefty?

    All we need tomorrow nite is a 1 TD by either the special teams or a pick 6 and 3 FG's and we are set. Our D I think can do the job. 16-7 or 16-10 I have faith and I'm starting the steelers D in my FF league! Go steelers! Its almost Dec and in Bens' famous words, "Its december football and if you don't know what that means find someone who does and ride with them"!!

    I just don't think the ravens D is that good. I think that we'll pound them with the run and we'll do quite well in this game if we can keep long drives going..against them.

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    Default Re: How good is Lefty?

    Lefty may start shaky, then throw a coupla TDs.
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    Default Re: How good is Lefty?

    If it was Broken Leftwrist for a whole season, my trepidation levels would be sky high, but this is only a temporary thing, so I have fewer reservations.

    Lefty's not terrible, IMHO. A bit slower than Ben in every category, but that's why he's a backup and not a first choice starter.

    The Rats have injuries too. We are not alone.
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