The Pirates had this up on their website this weekend, but it seems to have disappeared right now. You'd think they'd be pushing it out there since tickets go on sale this week. But I had it saved, so here's the highlights:

Fireworks Nights (all Saturdays):
April 13 vs Reds
May 4 vs Nationals
June 15 vs Dodgers
July 13 vs Mets
August 17 vs D-Backs
September 14 vs Cubs

Postgame Concerts - Bands TBA (all Saturdays):
June 1 vs Reds (Fan Jam)
June 29 vs Brewers (Fan Jam)
August 31 vs Cardinals (Skyblast)
September 21 vs Reds (Skyblast)

Give Aways:
April 14 vs Reds (Sunday) Raise the Jolly Roger Flags (limited to 25,000)
April 20 vs Braves Andrew McCutchen Awards Bobblehead (limited to 25,000)
May 18 vs Astros AJ Burnett Camo Jersey Bobblehead (limited to 25,000)
August 3 vs Rockies - New Replica Batting Practice Caps
September 22 vs Reds (Sunday) - Fleece Scarf (limited to 25,000)

Free Shirt Friday is back, along with the Kids Giveaways on Sundays.

This year continues the recent trend where they have cut back significantly on the amount of stuff given away each year. A total of 5 items for all ages, and 4 of them are listed as being limited to 25,000 fans. It's been many years since they had done limited quantities on any of the give away items. In the past it had always been that if you showed up after they ran out of an item you had to fill out a form and mail it in then wait a few months for them to send you one. Now it looks like if you're not one of the first 25,000 through the doors you're out of luck. Although that gets tricky, as it depends on which gate you enter through. It's entirely possible that one gate could still have hundreds of an item left while you went through one that ran out.