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Thread: It's Time For The Rooney's To Stop Allowing Their Players To Be Trampled On

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    Default It's Time For The Rooney's To Stop Allowing Their Players To Be Trampled On

    At what point do the Rooney's flex their muscles and say "wait a frickin' minute?"

    Today Ed Reed saw his suspension for an illegal helmet to helmet hit reduced to a mere 50K fine. Tell me the last time a Steelers player saw their appeal upheld for a helmet to helmet hit? James Harrison had a couple of appeals rejected when his were more accidental and due to the play on the field than malicious intent. Roger Goodell sent James Harrison a big gigantic middle finger in response.

    It's not just the players Roger Goodell and the NFL are giving the middle finger to, it's The Rooney's who they are giving the middle finger to and Roger Goodell is supposed to be working for The Rooney's. Seems like he's doing more working on bending the Rooney's over than anything else.

    At what point however do The Rooney's start defending their players?

    They allowed Roger Goodell to suspend Ben Roethlisberger for 4 games despite not being charged with crime. They allowed Roger Goodell to basically say "Ben Roethlisberger is guilty despite the Court of Law saying the opposite). They sit there and watch Steelers player after player get fined and suspended for "illegal" hits and then watch their own players get illegal hit and suspensions reduced. I don't think a single Steelers appeal has resulted in a reduction. They allow Ben Roethlisberger to continuously get hit after the play when Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning get late hit penalties and then complain that they need a new Offensive Coordinator to keep Ben healthy. You watched the NFL give the New England Patriots a laughable penalty for years worth cheating that your team was involved in. Cheating that cost you a lot of money by denying your team the chance to goto the Super Bowl twice.

    How about doing something for yourself? How about having a meeting with Roger Goodell? If that doesn't work, start complaining publicly. I understand that the Pittsburgh Steelers were the only team in the NFL to not approve of the current CBA and for all we know it could've been disapproval for the amount of power Roger Goodell was given by the other owners and the NFLPA. Your rejection of the current CBA and the reaons for it might put a target on your backs but you're The Rooney's. Speak up, you will get heard.

    Nothing makes players feel better than knowing that their bosses have their backs. That they defend them and their play. The Rooney's have the chanced, have had the chance to be that. They need to start doing it now. They have a ripe opportunity with Ed Reed's appeal being successful Art and/or Dan can publicly state "Why are the same3 standards not applied to our Football players for similar or weaker hits?" Take it to the League offices.

    Do Something!

    Do something because this is completely absurd. If you want to grow a set, then call Mario Lemieux on the phone. He lives over in Sewickley Heights. He has no problems calling out the League and/or calling it names like "Garage League". You guys, The Rooney's need man up and start sticking up for your players, fighting for your players because nobody else is. It's screwing YOU. If your players are suspended, hurt, it could cost you the Playoffs and that is $$$$$. A lot of $$$$$. You guys are obviously concerned about money or you wouldn't be suing the SEA over the construction of seats that will bring you added revenue. So take some of that venom and apply it to roger Goodell.

    Your players and fans will thank you.
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    Default Re: It's Time For The Rooney's To Stop Allowing Their Players To Be Trampled On

    Well said Kipper.....

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    Default Re: It's Time For The Rooney's To Stop Allowing Their Players To Be Trampled On

    Great thread Kip. I'm fed up. It's total bull****. What about that player that was not suspended for raping that chick. I think he is on the 49ers? What the hell.

    Ed Reed is one of the dirtiest ****ing players in the league. James Harrison barely taps Drew Brees, or hits Ryan Fitzpatrick clean and he gets handed a big old fine. Then he hits Colt McCoy OUT of the pocket while he was RUNNING and gets suspended. How about Goodell cleans up the grey area on the rules. How about a clear cut un-biased penalty for the ****ing hits.

    And the Patriots situation. How they weren't stripped of there wins and rings is beyond me. I know it's 2 different associations, but Penn State was stripped of there wins and they didn't even cheat. I don't want to make this a Penn State debate, but just because the coaches did something illegal, it doesn't mean that players should be stripped of there wins. It didn't have anything to do with FOOTBALL, just because it was a football coach. But the Patriots do something that ACTUALLY affected the game and how it was played, and they get not even a slap on the wrist with some ****ing draft penalty's and the Super Bowls stand? **** that.

    **** the league

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    Default Re: It's Time For The Rooney's To Stop Allowing Their Players To Be Trampled On

    Reed is very lucky the NFL didn't get tough with him like they did when the Ravens admitted they had a bounty on Hines Ward.

    And when one of the Ravens player swore he would kill Hines Ward.

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