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Thread: And Pitt's Pitts is not in the slammer because ... ?

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    Default And Pitt's Pitts is not in the slammer because ... ?

    Football stars accused in racial Knockout Game

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    Default Re: And Pitt's Pitts is not in the slammer because ... ?

    After stopping Olsheski, Graham called him what the police are referring to as a “racial epithet.” Which in other times and other places would take this crime to a new level: A hate crime. But not here. Not now. Not before the big game.
    Olsheski and the two women tried to keep moving, but Graham got in their way again. That is when star wide receiver Devin Street – one of the “most dangerous punt returners in America,” according to the announcers at the big game – punched Olsheski in the head.

    Unlike two other recent examples of the Knockout Game in Pittsburgh, no one died. No one went to the hospital.
    Double-tapping the chest with a Glock G27 in self-defense works wonders in these type of situations.
    Also, I can only imagine the outrage if those "games" were played the other way around. Real classy and mature.
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