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Thread: mcclendon NT play and other points.

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    Default mcclendon NT play and other points.

    several points:

    Cortez Allen quite a game. Its nice to see a CB with decent ball skills. Good job to the DB's.

    Woodley and Willy Colon pls get better we need you back. Ben pls play next week and keep using Heath as they did. That fake screen was a superb play very nicely designed. Kudos probably to Todd Halley on that one.

    Welcome back Antonio Brown that crossing pattern where you improvised your pattern to the offensive left side and cut behind Ed Reed was a thing of beauty.

    Charlie wow what an effort.

    and now to the kicker.

    Why doesn't Mcclendon play more. Maybe I missed him in there will check tape tonight ( and its pretty much a guarentee NFLN will be showing it again too), but when he is in there he blows up the opposing center. Burk is a solid vet but he just can't handle Mcclendon (sp??). I just don't get why mcclendon does't play more I think he has more power than Casey. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: mcclendon NT play and other points.

    They all played well in my opinion and I think Charlie given the chance could become more accurate each week. I never thought Leftwich should have been the 2nd stringer and heck, I never wanted him on the team.

    You probably couldn't have found a more anti Shuisham than me but I must say, the dude is having a pro bowl season.

    Also, I realize Wallace added to the game with some late catches but, he was also casing us problems with his drops. If this is what Wallace is like with or without a hefty contract then I'm not going to cry too much if he isn't with the Steelers next season.

    Was that Sanders that also dropped the ball with open field ahead of him ? To m that kind of stuff needs to end too if you want to winn against the good teams.

    For as good as our Steelers played yesterday, their mistakes and short comings will smack them in the face come playoff time.

    If we play the Cheats, our offensewill need to keep up to them because our defense doesn't confuse Bradys, doesn't put pressure on Brady and doesn't get the turnovers from Brady.

    Playing the Ravens again in the playoffs won't go so smoothly in my opinion if Lewis comes back and a healthy Suggs plays the entire game.

    I will vomit if the Colts beat us in the playoffs or make it to the plaoffs ahead of us.

    The Texans, who knows how this would turn out for us because we don't have much of a history against them other than, we gave them their first win. Remember that nightmare of a game ? They're a good team according to their record and I haven't watched them to see how our Steelers would stack up against them.
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