Brendan Witt hit by a car
Tuesday 08 décembre 2009
Brendan Witt has been hit by a car Tuesday morning. (AP)

Not enough to be hit on the ice, Brendan Witt was also hit by cars. Defenseman Islanders New York was involved in a traffic accident without serious consequence, Tuesday morning.

Witt was crossing the street when the driver of an SUV made an illegal left turn and struck the veteran defender.

The player has had time to come see the vehicle and protect themselves in order to absorb the impact. Witt has been pushed to the ground and got up as if nothing had happened.

"I'm fine," cried Witt toward the crowd that has gathered around him. At least that tells a witness to the scene.

His body of 6'2''and 223 pounds seems to have won the battle against large vehicle as the 11th overall pick in 1993 has led to the Islanders in the late morning