Not only is John Riggins a speaker of the truth, he's a storyteller using both words and images to convey his message. Take the YouTube below, for example. The piles of chopped wood? Yeah, that's a metaphor for the Dan Snyder Redskins.

Riggo's first target: Vinny Cerrato. "Your head coach has basically been castrated by the guy you work for. ... Let's face it, your real, true passion is radio so I would say just go ahead and go radio full time. ... I mean, you're a great guy, Vin, but you're no GM."

Riggins then provides commentary on Jim Zorn's 21-game head coaching career ("crippling, mind-boggling losses"), before offering this frank assessment: "I don't even think you could be an offensive coordinator right now." He does qualify his remarks, though: "I do wish you luck ... but you are gone."