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Thread: 25 Man Roster From The Last 25 Years

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    Default 25 Man Roster From The Last 25 Years

    I checked out this article at The Point of Pittsburgh and it referenced a Baseball Prospectus tweet where you try and form a 25 man roster by picking one player per year from each of a franchise's past 25 teams (you couldn't choose a player twice). I set the qualifications at a player must have received 200 PA and played at least 100 innings at the position I placed (for pitchers I choose 100 IP for starters and 40 IP for relievers). I opted to stick with a bench of a catcher, infielder, outfielder, utility player (meaning IF and OF) and a bench bat. It wasn't easy and I'm not sure how happy I am with it but I figured I'd share my results.

    1. 1998 Jason Kendall, C
    2. 1992 Barry Bonds, LF
    3. 2013 Andrew McCutchen, CF
    4. 1999 Brian Giles, RF
    5. 2001 Aramis Ramirez, 3B
    6. 1996 Jeff King, 1B
    7. 1993 Jay Bell, SS
    8. 2014 Josh Harrison, 2B

    C: 2008 Ryan Doumit
    IF: 2006 Freddy Sanchez
    OF: 2005 Jason Bay
    U: 2016 Sean Rodriguez
    PH: 2009 Garrett Jones

    #1: 2015 Gerrit Cole
    #2: 2004 Oliver Perez
    #3: 2012 AJ Burnett
    #4: 1995 Denny Neagle
    #5: 2000 Kris Benson

    CL: 2011 Joel Hanrahan
    RH SU: 2007 Matt Capps
    LH SU: 2002 Scott Sauerbeck
    LH MR: 1997 Ricardo Rincon
    RH MR: 2010 Evan Meek
    LR: 2003 Julian Tavarez
    MU: 1994 Mark Dewey (mop up man)

    A few years proved easy to fill such as 1992 as that is the only Bonds year in the window (and I had to take McCutchen's 2013 MVP season). The 2014 season gave me fits as I really didn't want to pass up Martin's season and give the backup job to Doumit and I also wanted Melancon's great year in the pen but in the end I decided there was no way I could leave Harrison's performance off the team. 1994 and 2003 also proved rather difficult which is essentially why they ended up with bullpen arms. The selection of Sean Rodriguez I'm sure seems odd and with Harrison on the team perhaps it would have been better to go with someone like Kang but I tried to stick with a traditional bench make up. Overall it was a very difficult thing to do but I think the team turned out decent.

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    Default Re: 25 Man Roster From The Last 25 Years

    Thats pretty cool. Nice job, for sure

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