Gators’ Sugar Bowl tickets struggling to sell
posted by jeremy fowler on December, 18 2009

Florida’s strange season has even affected ticket sales. Florida didn’t make the national title game, so fans are boycotting the Sugar Bowl.

Mark Gajda, Florida’s associate athletic director for ticket sales, says Florida still has 5,000 tickets left out of the original 17,500 available. Florida has abandoned its booster priority system and has opened the gates for anyone to buy however many tickets they want at $125 a pop.

Florida is in its 19th consecutive bowl, and this is a first for that span. Might be a first ever.

“I was even asking our athletics directors and some of the folks who have been here 30 or 40 years — this is definitely a first for us,” Gajda said. “It was just one of those years when everyone had their heart set on going to the national title game. When it didn’t happen, people decided they didn’t want to spend the extra money in this economy. Maybe they had New Year’s plans.”

Gajda said the Gators are doing everything they can to sell, but they haven’t come to a decision about potentially dropping prices. Rigth now the tickets will stay at $125. UF his hoping for a late surge, but if the remaining tickets don’t sell, Florida might give them away to charity.

I know Gators fans are a little spoiled because of success, but when the Sugar Bowl isn’t good enough, that’s a sad day.

“When talking to potential buyers, the excitement is just not there,” Gajda said. “In past instances, we ended up selling out by now. People were always excited to go to a bowl game.”