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Thread: Thick and thin.

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    Smile Thick and thin.

    I doubt we make it to any playoffs, but I still want to see it happen.
    I dont think we win out but, but stranger **** has happened.
    I stay thick and thin, if you are not then you are not a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
    It's great to get caughjt up in the wine of winning, but some of of us tend to get caught up in the whine of losing.
    Perhaps is this not how it goes?
    I dont know , what I do know is that this team is an extension of my own sence of pride from where I have my roots. The Steelers aren't the only ones who have ever dissapionted me from home, (kinda like a crazy Uncle *******, you know the one who did good with the kids, but failed to measure up with your parents.)
    Now we Steelers Faithful have become those parents.
    We been before, we'll be there again, now lets go knock the **** out of the Packers and show what the **** we are.
    And, win or lose that is what the **** we are.

    Befor we were Steeler Nation, we were always the Steeler Faithful.

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    Default Re: Thick and thin.

    Great post!

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    Default Re: Thick and thin.

    I was not Steelers born, nor was I Steelers breed (Dad was a Giants fans, and Mom was an Eagles fan-interesting combo on Sundays in our house). However, born and raised in Johnstown, PA during the 70's (yes I remember the flood).

    When I die though, I'll be Steelers dead. I plan on raisin my kids to watch and enjoy Steelers football. Like my parents, I can let them decide who they want to root for (with the exception of the turdbirds, stains, pastericks and cowgirls). Once they catch the Steelers fever, they won't go to another team.

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    Default Re: Thick and thin.

    Once you get the Steelers in your blood, there is no getting rid of them. I think going through seasons like this, the pride in being a Steelers fan comes through even more.
    Like Geo, I grew up in Johnstown, but my entire family were Steeler fans and they passed it on to me. I will always love the Steelers, but I gotta say this, I would rather watch us get our *** kicked than to see us lose like we have the last 5 weeks.
    That being said, I thank God that I am a Steelers fan, for 40 years, I have gotten to celebrate 6 Super Bowl Champions and the greatest plays in NFL history.
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