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Thread: Rage Against the Machine are UK's Xmas n.o1!!!!!!!!

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    Default Rage Against the Machine are UK's Xmas n.o1!!!!!!!!

    haha RATM are the UK number 1 for Xmas 2009!
    A facebook group that was set up to try and end SimonCowells X factor monopoly of the xmas number one has succeeded.
    I really didn't think that they would manage it. This has made my Xmas, now all I really want is a Steeler win!

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    Default Re: Rage Against the Machine are UK's Xmas n.o1!!!!!!!!

    Not quite Top of the Pops: Stuck at Number Two for Christmas

    For decades, megastars have felt the ignominy of coming second to a festive novelty record

    By Andrew Johnson, Claire Cooper and Victoria Richards

    Sunday, 20 December 2009
    It is every pop and rock star's nightmare: missing out by the narrowest of margins on the coveted Christmas Number One spot because of the public's unnerving appetite for "novelty" tracks such as Mr Blobby or, for the past four years, the inescapable X Factor.

    Almost since the charts started 50 years ago, musicians have been frustrated by the nation's fondness for froth. This year, however, record-buyers (and downloaders) are in revolt. The latest spawn of Simon Cowell is being held off the top spot by an expletive-laden alt rock anthem recorded 17 years ago. Rage Against the Machine have gone head-to-head with The X Factor's Joe McElderry. So far, Geordie Joe is behind on points, with today his last chance to land a knockout blow.

    Zack de la Rocha's "Killing in the Name" could not be further from the Hannah Montana ballad "The Climb", this year's offering from the ITV talent show. Whether or not Rage win the top spot battle, it could still be said that they with the help of a huge Facebook campaign won the war, with 60,000 sales more than Joe last week.


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    Default Re: Rage Against the Machine are UK's Xmas n.o1!!!!!!!!

    Sweet. Anything that will knock down Simon a few pegs is alright in my books. I hate the ****er. The arrogant pompous **** is a big time fraud. He got his start in the music business because his Dad was an A&R rep for EMI. His career was going nowhere and then I think him and a guy from EMI set out and started a record company that put such memorable albums as those by the Teletubbies, WWF, and the mighty morphin power rangers His "artists" didn't begin to sell records until he got the fortunate publicity backing of tv shows like the X-Factor and American Idol to pump these ****ty artists as household names before a single album was sold.

    cowell is a brilliant business man IMO but it makes puke when people mentioned that he's been this great eye and ear for finding talent. He's never found **** that's ever done anything without the help of a novelty show that practically finds the artists for him

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