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Thread: Ravens sign Ivy

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    Default Ravens sign Ivy

    Harbaugh on Corey Ivy, Chris McAlister
    Coach John Harbaugh spoke during his weekly radio program about the club's decision to sign cornerback Corey Ivy to replace injured rookie Lardarius Webb. Here are a few selected answers Harbaugh offered during his broadcast.

    On if Corey Ivy is going to have a full workload as the team prepares to play against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday: "The thing about Corey is just that: heís going to have to have a very hefty workload. He fits us right now. We need a guy that can play in the slot, the nickel corner position. There was nobody else out there that could do that, and certainly nobody that knows our system. He fits right in, knowing our defense. Weíre not going to have to teach him the defense, which certainly takes two or three or four weeks if you bring someone in that hasnít been a part of this system before. So Coreyís a guy that can play Sunday against the Steelers. He can also play special teams. Heís a guy that can get the most reps in this next game, and thatís what we need."

    On why the team chose Ivy over former Raven Chris McAlister: "I think we talked about it on Monday. Weíre looking at every single option, and guys that have been here Ė Chris McAlister and Corey Ivy being the two most obvious guys. And Evan Oglesby comes up, but heís down in Miami right now. He got signed by Miami recently. Guys that donít know the system Ė Travis Fisher was in here today Ė heís an example of a guy thatís been playing recently the last four or five weeks that doesnít know the system. Ö The two basic differences are Corey can play in the slot. Chris is an outside corner, and we have depth there. All of our guys can play outside, including Cary Williams, and heís a younger guy and more healthy guy. Those guys can all play outside, which is not as difficult. Playing in the slot is difficult. Itís a linebacker position, itís the nickel position. All those things are just some things Chris hasnít done before. So we have to get Chris up to speed if we can get him up to speed. Plus, we do have some concerns about his health. So whether he can play or not and practice and get ready to play in time, thatís a concern for us. Those were the two overriding factors."

    On whether the team's decision will be second-guessed: "I know darn well the fans are going to want to debate this one and talk about it, the people who are in the Chris McAlister court and the Corey Ivy court. Probably not as many now that we signed him. Thatíll be the debate. Maybe thereís somebody out there that they thought we should have signed. Weíre OK with all that, but I guarantee you this: weíve talked about it all and looked at it hard Ė starting with [general manager] Ozzie [Newsome] who makes the final call along with myself and right through the organization, this is the best thing for us right now. Is it ideal? No. But I guarantee you Corey Ivy is going to go out there and give it everything that heís got."

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    Default Re: Ravens sign Ivy

    bleed,this needs to go in the NFL forum.

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    Default Re: Ravens sign Ivy

    so we need t o bring in C Mac to balance things out i am sure he can cover better slippng gay

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