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Thread: Ravens v Steelers

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    Default Ravens v Steelers

    Found this "preview"...

    Ravens at Steelers- I've said it before and I'll say it again; the Steelers are like some sort of vampire. Not one of those wussy uber-romantic Twilight vampires, but one from Van Helsing or from the warped mind of Bram Stoker. Five straight losses, three of which were to the Browns, Chiefs and Raiders yet somehow they're still alive for a playoff spot. Seriously? If I'm John Harbaugh, I'm telling my equipment manager to pack garlic necklaces, crucifixes, wooden stakes, and to fill the Gatorade coolers with holy water.

    Pick: Steelers, 24-21


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    Default Re: Ravens v Steelers

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    Default Re: Ravens v Steelers

    They better get ready to cry. If things don't fall in place and we don't qualify for the playoffs, we're taking them down with us! **** you , Gayvens!

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    Default Re: Ravens v Steelers

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