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Thread: How do we stop Jared Allen?

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    Default How do we stop Jared Allen?

    Maybe we should do just enough to beat the Browns and spend two weeks on the Vikings.

    I see no answer for Jared Allen. If we aren't careful this could be the game Ben goes to the I.R. With our offensive line and Jared playing at his peak he may literally get to Ben 9 times in this game.

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    Default Re: How do we stop Jared Allen?

    Man, with all due respect LVG, I think this is a horrible idea! There is absolutely NO situation where you overlook an opponent to focus on a future game! If they don't take the Stains seriously, they WILL lose (you know there is the "every given Sunday" thingy)...****, we almost blew it against the Lions!

    We definately will have to scheme for Allen. Im sure we will "max-protect" on passing downs, keeping and extra RB or TE in to double team! Unfortunately, I dont know if it will be enough!

    Oh yeah, BTW- it's about time to give the line a little credit...they've been playing MUCH better
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    Default Re: How do we stop Jared Allen?

    I think the line has been pretty solid so far in pass blocking.

    Didn't that dude from Cincinatti have like 7 sacks coming into that game, and everyone thought he was gonna get to Ben early and often too? I guess we're gonna find out where they stand after the game against the Minnesota Favre's. No matter how bad the Brownies are.... 1 game at a time.

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