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Thread: Celebrities Share Family Recreation Sports

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    Default Celebrities Share Family Recreation Sports

    This was a little difficult to start. But perhaps, this is the best way.
    The recent "MONK TV" series was prominent in the News lately... but, beyond their work what do the stars like Tony Shalhoub (Monk) enjoy doing ... here is Tony and wife... on a FISHING TRIP... and oh yes catching some like this.

    Are there other "Celebrities"... that have a family recreation sport to share?

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    Default Re: Celebrities Share Family Recreation Sports

    That was a great start and the fact that I emphasized "family"... this Family Fishing Day March 14, 2009" sent to be shared here...

    I hope you liked it. Any more out there?
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    Default Re: Celebrities Share Family Recreation Sports

    Country superstars share their yuletide family traditions
    By Nancy Wilson, Contributing Writer
    7:40 PM Friday, December 18, 2009

    Merry Christmas y’all.

    Probably not very politically correct in our “Happy Holidays” world, but I’m a Christmas kind of gal.

    This is the one time of year when I really like tradition — Christmas carols, Christmas cookies, Christmas TV shows (Rudolph is a favorite) and the annual watching of “A Christmas Story” with my sister and nephews.

    One of my favorite memories is of the aforementioned sister and I playing Christmas LP’s on our Mickey Mouse player. No idea who the singers were, but we cranked up that Firestone record as often as we could.

    Country Weekly Magazine’s recent issue shared some singers family traditions. My favorite has to be Toby Keith. He and his family play a dominoes game called “Moon.” No idea if there’s a “shine” after that, but most likely.

    Jason Aldean’s holiday is not complete without a big dinner, he says, “sausage balls are my biggest thing at Christmas ... those are my favorite.”

    Superstar Taylor Swift, who not long ago was playing with Barbie dolls, told Country Music Television she grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania and fondly remembers a leaky roof, her cat knocking over the tree and an errant owl setting up house in the family living room.

    Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles says that as a child her mama would dissuade her from looking for the Jolly Old Elf by saying he would “throw pepper in my eyes if I saw him!”

    Blake Shelton, well known to Twitter heads for his, ahem, “colorful” tweets, says he likes to dress up in a “Ghillie suit” which is like dirt camouflage hunters wear. Blake tells CMT he waits for cars to come by, then runs across the road and waits for the local newspaper to report the latest “Bigfoot” sighting. Did I mention “dranking” was involved in this?

    Along those lines, Kid Rock told CMT his fondest memory was learning how to deep fry a turkey from Hank Williams Jr. He said his turkey was so good it made his mama cry. Then there’s Justin Moore, who related to Country Weekly his favorite Christmas was when “I got my first shotgun ... when I was about 10 or 12.” Guess nobody told him “you’ll shoot your eye out!”

    Find this article at:

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