You might know by now I have utter disdain for the network's NFL pregame shows. They're kind of antiquated anyway, given that there's about a bajillion hours of NFL coverage during the week on any number of outlets. I firmly believe the only people who watch these shows are people with no friends, who think they're part of JB, Boomer, Shannon, and "Coach Cowher's" little Sunday football clique. These shows are awful.

Here's what I happened to catch during yesterday's pregame yuk-fests....the Fox NFL Crew offered their picks of yesterday's games without ever saying why, they blew Regis Philbin for some reason, that Frank Caliendo guy did his John Madden impression, which was last funny in 2006, the washed up jocks on ESPN went to their mini football field and demonstrated how to beat Darrelle Revis off the line of scrimmage, and the CBS guys basically made jokes that weren't funny but laughed at them like Richard Pryor was doing a set just off camera.

In the middle of this was a completely useless segment/commercial for Verizon Wireless that went like this...

Hot chick: "Time for the Verizone Wireless Game Matchup Something. More after this"

(Verizon Wireless spot)

Hot chick: "Today, Dallas battles Minnesota, then the Jets play the Chargers. You've been watching the Verizon Wireless Game Preview Thingy."

The chick had as much camera presence as a golf bag, but she was smokin' hot... Her name is Rebecca Grant, and here's the spread from FHM....

Rebecca Grant FHM

Rebecca | MySpace Video