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Thread: On KNBR radio....

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    Default On KNBR radio....

    thursday morning, Drew Remenda was asked by Gary Radnich who he would take, Ovechkin or Crosby, Drew said he rather have guys agree Pens fan or no? I agree with Drew, I'd rather have Sidney Crosby.

    Not a big deal but I thought you guys might get a kick out of what is said out here on the west coast on local radio when it pertains to Pittsburgh sports..

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    Default Re: On KNBR radio....

    I'd take Crosby too.

    When you look at i... offensively.... Ovechkin will always score more, he shoots the puck a bunch more, so the laws of averages say that he;ll score more. Sid is on track to score more goals this season than at any point in his NHL career but his shot total has really increased. Sid is the far better passer and play maker, has the better vision, Ovechkin without a doubt has the better shot...... In the end though when it comes to point production, both guys are going to be the same.

    I'm not suggesting that this is how every team should think. If you are strong at center... then Ovechkin makes more sense. If your Center position is weak, then Crosby makes more sense. Personally I think Crosby being a Center is a more valuable position.

    What seperates them however is 2 way play. Ovechkin is not only horrendous in his backchecking and defensive play, he's disinterested in it and is often seen cherry picking instead of helping his team defensively. Defense wins Championships. When it becomes a game of defense vs. defense then it goes to the role players. That was the case with the Pens against the Red Wings. The Pens lost the first Cup series to Detroit and in return learned about how to play 2 way games. In the 2nd cup, they matched Detroit's defensive play and the Pens role guys like Talbot took over.... Ovechkin doesn't understand this concept and IMO the Craps need to hope that it can rely solely on offense in order to ever win a Cup.

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    Default Re: On KNBR radio....

    I'd rather have Zetterberg!

    but if I was trying to sell hockey jersey's to Canadian kids... I'd take Crosby.

    ... and if I was trying to sell hockey to the people who get all of their hockey info from ESPN... I'd take Ovechkin.

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