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I have some family obligations today, and I am waiting on some sources, so I will have some rumors up for you by early evening.

I did want to answer a question that keeps getting asked: When is the Olympic Trade Freeze?

The freeze starts the end of Friday Night Feb 12th at midnight and ends the stroke of midnight Sunday Morning, February 28th.

That will leave GMs will four short days before the actual March 3rd trade deadline at 3pm.

There are some who are saying teams will in all likelihood make the majority of their trades prior to the Olympics, while there are some saying teams will be waiting until the four days post Olympics. I tend to think the latter. Four days is a ton of time in the trade world, and GMs will be using the 16 free days to talk to one another. I believe we will see a good amount rumors come through during the freeze as talks leak out..

We will be treating it like two deadlines at hockeybuzz.

We will have special round the clock coverage going right until midnight Saturday morning the 13th including a marathon Olympic trade deadline show/podcast starting Friday afternoon/early evening until midnight.

Then on March 3rd we will do our normal special Trade deadline show until the 3pm ET deadline.

should be fun!