Fri Feb 05, 2010 9:53 am EST

Video: Jose Theodore latest goalie targeted with laser pointer
By Greg Wyshynski

"What kind of idiot would think it's OK to take a laser pointer to a hockey game and flash it into a player's eyes on the visiting team?"

That was former NHL goaltender Kelly Hrudey, writing for CBC Sports after some knucklehead at a Vancouver Canucks home game fired a laser at the mask of Calgary Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff(notes) on several occasions.

We can apply the same question to the genius who did it again at Madison Square Garden, attempting to distract/blind/disintegrate Washington Capitals goalie Jose Theodore(notes) in the last minute of his team's win against the New York Rangers on Thursday night.

Like most arenas, Madison Square Garden specifically bans laser pens; and like we said during the situation in Vancouver, the arena personnel can only do so much. It's OK to narc on someone in your section if they're doing something that interferes with the course of the game ... even if it might give the home team an advantage. It's the only way to end this tomfoolery, short of mandatory searches for laser firing equipment at the turnstiles. And if they start doing that, well then how are you going to smuggle in all that food and those recording devices?

The Kiprusoff incident sparked an uproar north of the border, with headlines like "Laser Boy crossed the line separating fans from athletes" and the much snappier "Laser shots one thing, but laser beams another." We imagine, in the midst of a 12-game winning streak and with the Penguins in on Sunday, the Capitals won't make a federal case out of this.

Someone might, however, want to tell Alan "The Canadian Media Is Out To Get The Capitals!" May that Sportsnet "notified NHL offices" about the laser pointer"attack" against Theodore, and that NHL security is now looking into it.