Some really good points by Charlie at bucs dugout in response to some good points by Chuck Finder.. Here's an exerpt and link (me being nice today)

The players fans will want to lock up will be contributing peak seasons at relatively cheap prices, and fans will want to keep them in Pirate uniforms for their decline years. And few will mention that the failure to give out "long-term, marquee deals" has been about 99th on the list of the Pirates' problems over the past decade or so.

The Aramis Ramirez giveaway was a travesty, and nothing any fan wants to have happen again. But the Bucs have paid to control free agency seasons by Brian Giles (great contract), Jason Kendall (a disaster), Ian Snell (bad idea), Jack Wilson (largely irrelevant), Freddy Sanchez (irrelevant), Paul Maholm, and Ryan Doumit. Except with Ramirez--which was, again, a debacle--the Pirates' problem has not been an unwillingness to pony up for free agency seasons, or to keep their core players around more generally. The problem has been the fact that most of their core players weren't very good to begin with, and were even worse by the time they amassed six years of major league service, which is the point after which a player becomes eligible for free agency.