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Thread: The Rules Of The Tavern

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    Default The Rules Of The Tavern

    NO SHIRT... NO SHOES........
    Come Right In and Talk, have a drink, shoot some darts, hit up the jukebox, and shoot some pool. Karaoke has been barred as it is a necessary evil upon everyone's ears.

    As it is with any Message Board and Community a set of guidelines and rules must be applied in order to keep things running smoothly to ensure all patrons are having a good time. Below are a set of guidelines, rules and helpful notes to ensure that all at Pittsburgh Sports Tavern are afforded the chance to do what they came to do - Talk some Pittsburgh Sports, have fun, drink some beer and then drink some more!

    Pittsburgh Sports Tavern Management :

    Kipper : Kipper is the Administrator and Co-Owner of Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. If you have any questions with the technical aspects of this website, need help or guidance and/or need to bring something to managements attention, contact Kipper.

    NKySteeler : NKySteeler is an Adiministrator and Co-Owner of Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. Feel free to contact NKySteeler with questions and feedback

    Les : Les is the Global Moderator for all of Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. He assists in overseeing every board, enforcing set guidelines and can answer questions.

    sjdrewk : sjdrewk is the Moderator at The Steelers Tavern. He is the eyes for that entire board. He can help assist you with questions and feedback.


    With any Message Board and Community environment there are always those few people that attempt to bring it down, unfortunately. While the list of rules below might seem like more than one would expect they are really both extreme circumstance types of rules or as guidelines allow one to know what they can and can't do in case they were curious.

    NOTE : Rules below are subject to change at any point and will be enforced from that point. Rules and guidelines are created as we deal with certain instances and thus new rules and guidelines can be added at any point. As always, remember that Pittsburgh Sports Tavern Management reserves the right to override any of the below actions at any point. The rules and guidelines are an Outline and we hope to never have to use them. At the same time, we hold the right to go beyond an action for an infraction or be more lenient depending on Management's decision and view of a specific situation. We are aware that there are things that can be taken out of context, moods can swing, and emotions can run high at times.

    Before we get to the listing of Rules, we would like to point out that all Patrons of this establishment have the ability in their personal settings to disable viewing of Avatars, Signature Pictures, Attached Images, and Embedded Images

    Rule One : If A member Of PST Management Tells You Something In Regards To Conduct On The Forum, We Expect It to Be Taken Seriously.

    If you are confused about whether a member of Management is being serious, Send them a PM (private message) and ask them via PM rather than out on the Message Board to avoid any back and forth conflicts that can cause clutter to the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. This sort of "clutter" could be subject to deletion or being moved. Actions of Management are not to be discussed anywhere on the Message Board. Failure to do this will result in posts being deleted without warning, with consequences resulting in a First Offense Warning. No arguing your case on the board. Your post will be subject for removal without warning. Failure to act on what a member of Management tells you is subject to a First Offense Warning.. One's personal preference of a member of Management has no weight on any members decision to not adhere to rules. All members of Management are to be treated with the same equal regards.

    1 Point

    Rule Two : Off Topic Posting.

    Pittsburgh Sports Tavern has a variety of different boards within it that hold discussion for almost all subjects. We ask that discussion on specific subjects be held within the proper board. Pittsburgh Sports Tavern Management reserves the right to move Topics or Posts that stray from a particular board's intent to an appropriate board at Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. If you are trying to reach a specific group of people with an Off Topic post, please put "OT" before your Thread title. We are also understanding of topics that can stray from an intended topic or be "hi-jacked". We disregard this stuff if there was no purposeful intent to do so and may or may not split and move those off topic posts.

    Off Topic Posts and Threads during a team's offseason is tolerated.

    1 Point for multiple infractions.

    Rule Three : Do Not Bring Racial Subjects Into Pittsburgh Sports Tavern.

    While one's intent might not be racist, the subject of race is too subjective from person to person. Pittsburgh Sports Tavern asks that you do not bring into the establishment any racial topic, post, photo, video, song or anything else that could be deemed to have racial tones. Any Topic, Post, Photo, Video or Song... regarding race as deemed by Pittsburgh Sports Tavern Management are subject to be deleted and a First Offense Warning will be issued.

    1 Point. Second infraction is 6 points.

    Rule Four : Do Not Discuss Politics And Religion.

    We are aware that people have their personal preferences on such matters, however it is our experience that discussion on these subjects often end in hostility and takes away from the atmosphere and environment we are trying to maintain at Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. In no way is PST Fox News, MSNBC, or Church. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a First Offense Warning. Political and Religious Topics, Posts, Photos, Songs or Videos are subject to being deleted without any warning or explanation.

    1 point. Second infraction is 6 points.

    Rule Five : Spamming Or Releasing A Patron of Pittsburgh Sports Tavern's Personal Information Will Result In An Instant Permanent Ban Without Warning Or Explanation.

    Just as it is in all forms of society, not everyone will get along or like each other, however, Pittsburgh Sports Tavern has an atmosphere to maintain in which we won't allow personal agendas to control PST. Exception to this rule are those patrons that allow or do not mind the posting of their personal information. We will discuss with that person first whether they allowed it or not before issuing penalties.

    6 Points.

    Rule Six : Spamming Threads About The Same Topic Will Result In A First Offense Warning.

    This rule is twofold. First, any patron that chooses to go from board to board and post the same topic and same post with the intent on spamming as deemed by Pittsburgh Sports Tavern Management will receive a First Offense Warning.

    1 Point

    Rule Seven : No Free Form Selling Of Merchandise or Promoting of a Business Is Allowed at Pittsburgh Sports Tavern.

    If you have merchandise or a business that you believe will be of interest for the patrons of Pittsburgh Sports Tavern, then contact Kipper via e-mail or PM (private Message) and an agreement can be worked out... or not. An inability or refusal to do so will result in the Topic, Post, Song, Video or Photo being deleted with a First Offense Warning issued.

    1 Point. Second infraction is 6 Points.

    Rule Eight : Creating Multiple Aliases Will Result In An Instant Permanent Ban.

    If you were kicked out of a bar, what do you think would happen if you tried to re-enter with a wig and costume on? That's right, you'd get thrown out. Same thing applies at Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. This rule also applies to those that show the inability to discuss with their original and unbanned registered name. Creating a second alias without having accidentally deleted your account or having log in issues will result in an Instant Permanent Ban.

    6 Points

    Rule Nine : Threats Or Personal Attacks Towards Another Patron in the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern or Via PM's (private messages) will result in a First Offense Warning.

    Every Patron won't get along with each other or share each others views, however that doesn't mean that the entire Tavern must be brought down because of this. Please be mindful and respectful of all of the other patrons at PST regarding your actions and reactions. Failure to do so will result in a First Offense Warning.

    If you are are just joking around with another Patron, please include an emoticon/smiley at the end of your posting. This is the most effective way in a non-verbal environment to help convey emotions for others to see. Failure to do this will force Pittsburgh Sports Tavern Management into action by issuing a First Offense Warning.

    1 Point. Second infraction is 4 Points

    Rule Ten : Trolling.

    Any person that registers and posts to purposely instigate others into a flame war and/or hi-jacks threads to do so is subject to a First Offense Warning or Instant Permanent Ban depending on Management's mood. Trolls that are fans from other teams are at the mercy of Pittsburgh Sports Tavern Management. We might view you as cheap entertainment and keep you around for that cheap entertainment purpose. We could Ban you instantly, we could issue you a warning, or we could keep you around until you've worn out your entertainment value in which case you can be Banned at any point without Warning with no explanation.

    1 Point. This is a minimum as stated in the above rule.

    Rule Eleven : No Porn. Nipples, Vagina's, And Penises.

    All above accounts are considered a form of nudity and sex as deemed by Pittsburgh Sports Tavern's Hosting Service. All forms of Porn, Nipples, Vagina's and Penises will be deleted if seen. Pittsburgh Sports Tavern however does allow and encourage the posting of scantily clad photos and video's. Scantily clad meaning that there is some article of clothing covering private sections of one's body (nipples, vagina's, umm... buttholes etc...).

    1 Point.

    Rule Twelve : Don't Be Ignorant To New Patrons.

    Please allow all new patrons the ability to convey their opinion without being mobbed, as they took their personal time to stroll into the Pittsburgh Sports Tavern to talk and have a drink.

    1 Point.

    Rule Thirteen : No Cross Team Trolling.

    For a better understanding of this rule, sports fans of one Pittsburgh team might not be fans of another Pittsburgh sports team. We won't refrain patrons from holding good civilized discussion that doesn't break any rule stated here, however all fans of their respected favorite sports team should be allowed to discuss and drink in peace. Any cross team trolling will result in a First Offense Warning regardless of your status throughout the rest of Pittsburgh sports Tavern. Afford fans of their favorite teams that same respect that you expect and want while discussing your favorite team.

    1 Point.


    Infraction Point system :

    Your Points will not be lifted or removed at any point, so please think first before acting upon anything that would be an infraction.

    Points are given out depending on infractions. You can view Points given out due to infractions at the bottom of each Rule. Points are not solely individually based. If you receive 1 Point for an infraction of one rule and a 2nd Point for an infraction of a different rule, you will have 2 Points against you. If the points add up to a certain amount, you receive the consequence attributed with that Point amount.

    1 Point = Warning.

    2 Points = 2nd Warning.

    3 Points = 3rd Warning.

    4 Points = 1 week (7 days) Temporary Ban. This can be skipped depending on seriousness of infraction

    5 Points = 1 month (31 days) Temporary Ban. this can be skipped depending on severity of infraction

    6 Points = Permanent Ban.

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