for this one you need to go to the page and see the mural they reference, but here is the text:

Good day, Steel City Stewies!

Rain drove Andrew McCutchen(notes) (right) the Bucs inside for most of their workouts, and that's where a lot of the good visuals were, too. Pirate City might be described as a high-end lodge on the outskirts of Bradenton (it's actually in East Bradenton) with several baseball fields attached. That's the kind of accomodation La Quinta just can't offer.

Anyway, inside the main compound is an awesome game room, which includes a couple of pool tables and great Bucco artwork classic photos of Roberto Clemente, and a nonpareil mural of the 1979 World Series champions by Dottie Coyne.

Willie Stargell, Dave Parker, Kent Tekulve, John Candelaria, Omar Moreno, Bill Madlock, manager Chuck Tanner and others grace the 8-foot-wide mural, created in all its black and gold glory.

Ah, the good old days. The Pirates of recent times might not even be worthy of graffiti on a highway overpass.

Well, guess who was playing ping pong near the mural with his adorable little girl? None other than Neal Huntington, general manager of the Pirates. Huntington was in the middle of family time the Pirates are fam-i-ly, of course so all I asked was that I take a picture of the mural.

"Of course," he said, also instructing his toddler to suspend the ping pong match with daddy. He also suggested I take the angle of the pic shown above. Good call, Mr. GM.

The Pirates haven't been anything like the '79 team lately, having endured (while making their fans endure) 17 straight losing seasons. It's Huntington's job to fix it and, I think, it might be happening.

Two reasons: McCutchen (pictured) and Pedro Alvarez(notes). The Bucs have had talented players come and go through PNC Park in recent seasons (and a lot of dogs), but these guys are on a higher plain, even though Alvarez hasn't had a big league at-bat yet.

Overall, the minor-league system has jumped from 26th to 16th in Baseball America's rankings, with Alvarez a big reason why. He's their No. 8 prospect in the majors.

But if you notice, the mural features 10 Bucs from '79. Even if McCutchen and Alvarez are All-Stars, they can't fill up a painting that large by themselves.