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Thread: Is this the future of sports coverage?

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    Default Is this the future of sports coverage?

    I came across this article on and thought it was very interesting.

    Basically a guy named Mark Zuckerman was covering the Nationals for The Washington Times up until the paper decided to dump its sports section. The Nationals beat writer at the Washington Post (Chico Harlan) was stepping down and didn't have an official replacement yet. Zuckerman started a blog ( to try to keep active in baseball writing. Now Zuckerman is in Florida covering Nationals spring training, not for the Times or the Post, but for his own blog with the trip being funded entirely by contributions from his readers.

    The article doesn't really get into the next stage, but I think that's where the real challenge is going to come. Covering spring training is the easy part. Just get down to Florida and your jobs ends up about the same as it was any other year since all of the travel is done by car anyway, and everything is fairly open. What happens in the regular season? Is he going to be able to get media credentials as a "lowly blogger"? Seems like teams haven't been willing to give them to any other bloggers, but will he be an exception because he came from a newspaper background? Is he going to be able to cover any road games? Will others follow suit?

    I think this is a pretty interesting story to follow.

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    Default Re: Is this the future of sports coverage?

    Some blogs are good and some blogs are bad. I don't think they'll replace team web sites in the near future, or even the far future. They'll always be good for augmenting your coverage, but I doubt they'll replace it.
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    Default Re: Is this the future of sports coverage?

    I personally prefer Bloggers over columnists/journalists. For one, I simply trust Bloggers more. 50 years ago there was some amount of trust regarding the media, especially in journalism but that's gone now. Despite this people still treat print journalism/columnists with the same amount of blind trust and faith that was earned decades ago. Anymore, it's about making a buck. Whatever you can do to get someone to read what you've written, do so and by the way, "research"? Don't waste your time because we don't care says the media outlets. Just put something out there that people are going to sink their teeth into and don't worry about research, facts etc..

    This isn't to say that all Bloggers are great. There's a lot of Bloggers who really don't know much but they think that they do. Some bloggers are doing it egotistically but there's a nice amount of Bloggers that do a great job because regardless of the end result and such a Blog is "personable". you know that no matter what, you are getting that person's belief. The same thing goes with Independent Writers as well. They aren't tied due to what their "boss says", they can do whatever they want, when and how.

    The only good thing that you get from your journalists and such is really the inside information and breaking news. Anything beyond that, find a Blogger when you want to read opinion and anything else that involves some sort of depth
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