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Thread: Penguins Salary Cap Situation

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    Default Penguins Salary Cap Situation

    I wanted to take a couple minutes and look over the salary cap situation going into next year for the Pens. I was hoping after looking at this we could maybe discuss what our options are and what the future may look like.

    2010-2011 Season
    Crosby= 8.7 M
    Malkin= 8.7 M
    Staal= 4.0 M
    Kunitz= 3.725 M
    Dupuis= 1.4 M
    Talbot= 1.05 M
    Rupp= .825
    Godard= .750
    Kennedy= .725
    Adams= .550
    (Free Agents: Alex Ponikarovski, Bill Guerin, Ruslan Fedotenko, Matt Cooke)

    Orpik= 3.75 M
    Goligoski= 1.83 M
    (Free Agents: Sergei Gonchar, Mark Eaton, Jordan Leopold, Jay McKee, RFA Kris Letang)

    Fleury= 5.0 M
    (Free Agents: Brent Johnson)
    Total Payroll: 41.008 M
    Likely Salary Cap: 56.8 M
    Likely Salary Cap Space: 15.792 M

    Holes to be filled: three top six wingers, four top six defensemen, backup goaltender.

    SIGN Jordan Leopold= 3 years 6M
    SIGN Ruslan Fedotenko= 1 year 2M
    SIGN Matt Cooke= 2 years 3M
    SIGN Bill Guerin= 1 year 2.2 M
    SIGN Alex Ponikarovski= 3 years 9 M
    SIGN Kris Letang= 4 years 10M
    13.2 M in those 6 players
    Holes to be filled: 2 top six defensemen, backup goaltender

    SIGN Brent Johnson= 1 year 600K
    SIGN Mathieu Schneider= 2 years 4 M
    2.6 M in those 2 players
    Holes to be filled: 1 top 6 defenseman
    Remaining Cap Room= 0

    What do you guys think? There just really isn't a ton of these cap numbers look right? What is the priority? How the HELL could Gonchar even fit into the above? Even if his cap hit was prolonged out and was only 4 can he fit?
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    Default Re: Penguins Salary Cap Situation

    I'd rather see how the rest of the season and playoffs play out before I think about who to resign and for how much. JMO.

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