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Thread: Your "Real or Fake" video of the day....

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    Default Your "Real or Fake" video of the day....

    I'm going fake....

    "You only have one life, and you will not get out alive. Make the most of your time and have no regrets." - Me.

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    Default Re: Your "Real or Fake" video of the day....

    It looks pretty fake to me.

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    Default Re: Your "Real or Fake" video of the day....

    I'm hooked on searching out and viewing this stuff, YouTube is way more entertaining than TV.


    Nothing I can say here will make this any better. You just have to figure that what passed for musical entertainment in Russia hit rock bottom around 1976, and this is how you got songs to be deemed acceptable and not offensive to Communist party doctrine. Though it's somehow reassuring that the 70's were equally beige and brown in the Soviet Union as they were in the US. It is amazing how far the Soviets actually got in robotics. Too bad they couldn't get them to speak.


    That is a LOT of hair there, and check out the host Don Cornelius, hilarious, you could make an entire outfit from the amount of material in his tie. But what struck me most was how really skinny most people were in 1973, obviously back before high fat fructose corn syrup infected everything. The styling and the exuberance are priceless. See how the fat kid at about 1:15 looks like he almost creamed in his pants. I love how when you dance with a partner like this, if one partner starts doing something really weird or wonky, you have to copy them, otherwise it ruins the dance column effect.


    She's dressed as Ringu from the Japanese horror film, Ring (& the Western remake The Ring) I had this happen to me at college when someone in my building was walking around in a night gown and I was just coming in. Sometimes the door in the entrance hangs so you don't have to unlock it and she was coming up from the laundry just as I was coming in. We scared the crap out of one another. This would scare me quite badly. but I scream if someone walks up and starts talking to me if I've been too focused on the computer.


    Scary dog. Imagine those dogs locking onto you leg. Nice of the owner to let them run around on the street. Apparently the dogs were locked up in a scrapyard, and they ate the fence before looking for a second course. Though these dogs are chewing and playing, NOT attacking. They see the cop car as a big toy, as a chew toy. Is this destructive? Yes. Is it a problem? Yes. Is it an attack? No. Does it call for destroying the dogs? Not at all. Though if that had been an 82 year old woman in a wheelchair vandalizing his bumper, he probably would have tazed her.
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