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Thread: Stalking Erin Andrews will land you 2 and half years in prison.....

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    Default Stalking Erin Andrews will land you 2 and half years in prison.....

    ESPN reporter Erin Andrew's stalker gets 27 months in prison
    By Linda Deutsch • The Associated Press
    March 15, 2010

    This photo taken on March 12, shows ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews interviewing North Carolina State's Tracy Smith (23) after an NCAA college basketball game against Florida State at the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament. The man convicted of stalking ESPN reporter Andrews and shooting nude videos of her through a hotel room peephole is facing sentencing in a Los Angeles courtroom. Michael Barrett, a 48-year-old Chicago-area insurance executive, has pleaded guilty to interstate stalking and agreed to a 27-month prison sentence.

    Michael David Barrett pleaded guilty in December to interstate stalking after prosecutors accused him of following the reporter to at least three cities and shooting the videos through hotel peepholes.

    Barrett, 48, of suburban Chicago, agreed to a 27-month prison sentence after pleading guilty. Andrews urged the judge at the hearing for a harsher sentence and said she fears for her life every time she enters a hotel.

    “You violated me and you violated all women,” Andrews told Barrett. “You are a sexual predator, a sexual deviant and they should lock you up.”

    Barrett admitted renting hotel rooms next to Andrews three times and shooting two videos of her while she was naked. He was accused of posting the videos online and trying to sell them to Los Angeles-based celebrity gossip site TMZ last year.

    U.S. District Judge Manuel Real said he gave Barrett the maximum sentence under the law.

    “Mr. Barrett has lost everything he built throughout his life,” said his lawyer, David Willingham. “He's lost his career, his fiancee and his life savings. He knows that he brought this on himself.”

    But he said that Barrett is undergoing psychological treatment and “has sought the path of redemption.”

    Barrett was given until May 3 to surrender.

    Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles have agreed not to pursue further charges against Barrett. However, he could face criminal action in other states stemming from other videos he allegedly shot of unsuspecting nude women through peepholes.

    Andrews' attorney, Marshall Grossman, has said there could be as many as a dozen other women that Barrett taped.

    A sentencing memo filed last month claimed Barrett videotaped 16 other women and ran background checks on 30 people, including female sports reporters and TV personalities, according to court documents.

    Barrett also allegedly conducted 30 Internet background checks that can produce birthdays and home addresses, the document said. The filing did not name the other alleged victims or say what information he obtained or how he may have used it.

    Prosecutors claim that 32 videos provided by show Barrett “victimized approximately 16 other women in almost precisely the same way that he victimized” Andrews. They did not identify the women.

    Andrews testified in December that Barrett's actions had a devastating impact on her and her family because she is constantly reminded that his videos appeared online and is subjected to cruel taunts from sports fans when she works as a sideline reporter.

    Andrews works as a sideline reporter for ESPN's game telecasts. She will also appear on the new season of ABC-TV's “Dancing with the Stars.”
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    Default Re: Stalking Erin Andrews will land you 2 and half years in prison.....

    How the **** do you get access to a motel room from the next room?

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    Default Re: Stalking Erin Andrews will land you 2 and half years in prison.....

    1. Nobody is forcing her to be a sideline reporter, so the "mental anguish" angle is total crap. She could take another job if the "cruel" taints from sports fans are too much for her.

    2. WTF is wrong with people that they feel to need to look through peepholes? There isn't enough porn on the internet?

    3. She's not that **** hot anyway. Hazel Mae on MLB Network puts her to shame.
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