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Thread: Revisiting the Jason Bay Trade

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    Default Revisiting the Jason Bay Trade

    Here is an excerpt from the article by Alex Speier at MLBTR:

    "The Red Sox, from a position of near-complete hindsight, would unquestionably make the deal again. In all likelihood – despite the discomfort engendered by Ramirez’ suspension after signing his extension – the Dodgers would do the same as well.

    The Pirates operate from a different vantage point. Whereas the other team teams involved can evaluate the big league impact to date to determine the impact of the deal, Pittsburgh will still need years before it can figure out whether it improved the franchise by dealing Bay.

    “There are times it doesn’t look very good. I understand that,” said Huntington. “Our portion of it is still being evaluated.”

    Huntington and the Pittsburgh front office have reflected on the deal plenty of times, trying to figure out whether the processes used to make the trade were optimal,

    “We’ve done it. We’ve gone back and asked what did we miss here? What did we not focus on correctly?” said Huntington. “We’ve got our systems in place, and that’s where the true evaluation has to be. What did we know at the time? What did we evaluate properly? What did we undervalue? What did we overvalue?”

    Without going into detail Huntington acknowledges that there was a deal on the table that now seems like it was better, but it did have flaws, and “it’s not one that I lose sleep over and say, ‘How did we not take that?’”

    He also said that the Pirates have wondered whether they should have held onto Bay until the offseason. Following the 2008 season, after all, the Rockies seemed to get a more prospect-rich haul for a comparable player in Matt Holliday, who netted closer Huston Street and outfielder Carlos Gonzalez (as well as starting prospect Greg Smith, who struggled in 2009).

    Even so, while recognizing that there was a chance of a greater return after the 2008 campaign, the Pirates reflect on the fact that there was a chance that Bay’s value could have dropped in the final two months of the season.

    “People forget how tough an ’07 he had. He was coming off the knee injury and he was coming off all sorts of questions,” said Huntington. “That was what we debated internally: are we better to run him out there in the second half of ’07 and compete with Matt Holliday, or gamble that we’re going to have him for a good value here?

    “We’d made the decision to hold him. We really had. People don’t want to believe that, but we’d made the decision to hold him. But then the Boston-Dodgers thing sprung back to life, we got the players we wanted, and we move on.”

    More at the LINK

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    Default Re: Revisiting the Jason Bay Trade

    oh **** we go again...

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    Default Re: Revisiting the Jason Bay Trade

    The Pirates got their starting 3rd baseman and maybe future 2nd baseman out of the deal. Morris is obviously the key if he comes through then those 2 players make the trade a good one.

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