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Thread: Herm 2 Hockeytown

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    Default Herm 2 Hockeytown

    I really can't stand the Red Wings, but this is a pretty good hockey story. Tonight (March, 26 2010) this Red Wings Forum blogger from Brazil, will attend his first NHL game!

    Fact: This year alone, one out of every two hundred million Brazilians won’t get the hockey they desperately need.

    The good news is that you and your hard earned money have already changed that. But we still need your help.

    March 26th. It's a day when dreams come true at Joe Louis Arena. This year, one man will take the journey of a lifetime from his native land of Brazil to his spiritual home in Detroit - Hockeytown - where he'll be joined by hundreds of friends from around the world to see his very first game. Along the way, he has the chance to do something truly unique, but we need your help.

    H2H started as a collection among friends to bring a hockey-deprived fan, Herm, to see his favorite team in action. A plane ticket was bought, but there was money left over. And, thanks to the efforts of Bill Houlihan and a handfuld of his fellow bloggers, people continued to donate. The question of what to do with the funds was obvious, and the decision was unanimous.

    Fact: For more than 120 years, parents have traveled from throughout the state of Michigan and beyond to seek advanced care for their children from the pediatric specialists at the Children's Hospital of Michigan. Your contributions towards H2H will help make a difference for those kids. That's because every penny of new money we raise will go directly to the Children's Hospital of Michigan's Child Life Program Fund.

    The Story of Herm:
    What's "Herm"?

    Not "what," "who."

    Okay, who's Herm?

    A Detroit Red Wings fan. From Brazil.

    Brazil? As in Brazil, Indiana?

    There's a Brazil, Indiana?

    Yeah, west of Indianapolis. A thriving metropolis of 8200 people. Seat of Clay County, crappy roads...

    What'd you do, look it up on Wikipedia?


    Okay... Anyway, no, Brazil the country.

    There are hockey fans in Brazil?

    Yes, there are hockey fans in Brazil. A respectable number, in fact. Ever heard of the blog, Red Wings Brasil?

    You're asking a guy who didn't know there were hockey fans in Brazil if he's heard of a Brazilian hockey blog?

    Good point. Well, it's a really good blog, worth checking out. Worth learning Portuguese if you're good with languages.

    So, Herm blogs there, one of five bloggers. He's also a regular contributer in the world-famous comment section of the blog Abel to Yzerman.

    So, Herm's one of the 19-

    Nineteen what?

    The significance of "19" to a Wings fan base is not something I should have to explain to you.

    So, the others in the 19 really appreciate Herm's role in the community at A2Y. And when Kris, who blogs at Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle... interviewed him and the 19 found out he'd never even met another hockey fan or been to a hockey game, Herm 2 Hockeytown was born. The 19 came up with the idea of bringing him to the States for a game. The date of March 26th was chosen for obvious reasons.

    Who're they playing? Someone good, I hope.

    Well, it's only Minnesota, but the point of this is the experience of catching the game in person, not only with Herm, but with the rest of the 19, some 90+ people.

    Anyway, obviously, "bringing" Herm to the States meant money. So, a donation drive was kicked off. We raised a capped $1000 in 30 hours. And since we don't like caps in Detroit, it was soon removed. We collected another $1000 before too long and have since reached $2,292.84.

    We're beyond bringing Herm over at this point. Every penny that's not needed for that part of the project goes to the Children's Hospital of Michigan. This is about helping the kids as much as it is about giving one of our brothers a chance to catch a game in person.

    How much goes to the kids?

    That depends on viewers like you. Sorry to go all fund-drive on you, but it's the truth. The sky's the limit. We're not just asking for money in a vacuum, either. We've got a prize drawing for cool hockey swag planned and we're selling T-shirts for the experience , the proceeds from which will go into the pot we'll hand over to the Hospital.

    We've also got a pre-party planned at Hockeytown Cafe, where we'll be doing a podcast recording, too. The whole thing's going to be a Wings love extravanza, from 4:00 that afternoon through the weekend. Lots of stuff planned apart from the game.

    So this must be just a Wings fan thing.

    Actually, no. [HIGH-LIGHT]We've even had donations from Pens fans.[/HIGH-LIGHT] We want it to be a yearly thing that helps out people in the Detroit area going forward, but we want it to transcend our little corner of the hockey fanbase, too. If you know other hockey fans, let them know something cool's going on in the Wings' fanbase and that they can be a part of it.

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