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Thread: The Cardinals and Cubs

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    Talking The Cardinals and Cubs

    Hey gang!

    As a guy who grew up in West Virginia, I have loved the Pirates since the womb. I moved out here to Effingham, Illinois in 2003. My wife and my friends here thought it would be easy to switch my allegiance to Saint Albert and his Cardinals.

    The real problem I have with that is easy. First, I am a Pirate fan, born, bred and will die that way. Second, I have found most Cardinal fans to be the dumbest bunch of schleps concerning the game. Most of them don't even know about the team heritage pre-2001, B.A. (Before Albert). When you are ignorant about your own heritage, you show your stupidity.

    My hatred for the Deadbirds came as I began going to games at Busch (both old and new). The self-proclaimed greatest fans in baseball are almost as bad as fans in Philadelphia or the south side of Chicago. They just don't carry the nutsack along with their mouths. After being threatened for six innings one night, I called some drunk's bluff and asked security to remove him. They didn't. I haven't been back to their happy little confines since.

    Cub fans are not as psycho as the Cardinal fans, but they come with the argument that their team is better than my team. I've told most of them to come talk to me when they finally win a World Series.

    I haven't been lucky enough to visit Wrigley Field, but at least their fans (most of them, anyway) seem to know the greats of their past. They seem to have a tad more respect for others. However, I went to a church here in town and had a gang of Chubbie fans ask me if I was lost when they saw my Pirate jacket. I told them that no, I had been saved from Loserville long ago.

    So do any of you have stories of nutty Cards or Cubs fans?

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    Default Re: The Cardinals and Cubs

    That's an interesting take. Actually, I've never really heard anyone talk smack on the Cardinals or their fans. Not that it surprises me, but when it comes to Pirates fans, I've not really come across a bunch of people that hate the Cards more than the Cubs or Brewers etc...

    I guess it's all about living in an area and being surrounded by another fan base. That has to get on one's nerves.

    I personally don't have any Cardinals stories. I'll be honest, I've never come across a Cards fan. Cubs fans... they are obnoxious, much like a Cleveland Browns or Toronto Maple Leafs fan. They talk about how great they are, have an inferiority complex and yet haven't won any hardware in forever
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    Default Re: The Cardinals and Cubs

    Most cards fans I know seem okay, but I've been to Busch before and that's where the drunk idiots show up. I mean, talking more **** than Cowboy fans in Dallas.

    I speak from experience.

    Once I took off the Cubs Colored glasses, they are tools. One thing I never noticed about them that I do now, is that the ones I know are kinda uppity, yknow? Better than everyone else. Think their **** don't stink.
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