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Thread: Kiper on Steelers' Draft AH

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    Default Kiper on Steelers' Draft AH

    AH = After Holmes.


    Here's the dirty:

    How deal affects Steelers and Jets
    Trading Santonio Holmes won't kill the Steelers. Here's why

    Pittsburgh's move to get rid of Santonio Holmes sends a pretty clear message: A franchise that has a massive fan base is clearly concerned about the behavior of its players and doesn't take lightly to off-the-field headaches.

    The Jets, on the other hand, have a fiery personality running the show in coach Rex Ryan, and the team already absorbed Braylon Edwards, whose previous employer had seen as a headache. New York feels Holmes is an improving talent worth the risk (and the wait, as he faces a suspension for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy) and simply needs better options at wide receiver.

    Some will now say the Jets no longer need to take a wideout early in the upcoming draft and the Steelers have created a hole that will need to be filled. Well, there are a couple of ways to look at it.

    For the Steelers: Pittsburgh holds the No. 18 pick, which I think is too low to see a player like Dez Bryant fall but too high to draft another wide receiver from this group. But that should just make the best decision for this team even easier. The Steelers must address their interior line in Round 1. I think getting a player such as Maurkice Pouncey or even Mike Iupati would be a great move for the Steelers, who should be looking to return to their run-heavy ways anyway. As much as fans think the Steelers need a wide receiver, that's also a symptom of folks thinking that Pittsburgh has thrown so often during the past two years because it should, but that's not the case. The team is better when it piles up chunks in the running game and allows quarterback Ben Roethlisberger the time and short-yardage situations that allow him to carve up opposing defenses.

    That said, the Steelers still need another target. And I say they should look to Round 3.

    Last year, Pittsburgh got Mike Wallace in the third round, and he was a breakout player. This year, the draft is deep in wide receivers if not loaded at the top, and the Steelers could choose from a group that includes Jordan Shipley from Texas, Emmanuel Sanders from SMU or Andre Roberts from the Citadel. You could even see a talent like Dezmon Briscoe sitting there in Round 3.

    As for their Round 2 pick, I think the Steelers have to address cornerback. If they fall in love with a player such as former USC wideout Damian Williams and he's there, you could see them making that pick. But given the depth well into Round 3 -- and the Steelers' recent history with Wallace -- they shouldn't change plans because they lost a player they may have released anyway.

    And don't forget: Holmes wasn't the top guy by any means. Hines Ward is still producing, and Wallace and Limas Sweed are still there. The team still has options and probably will gain another in the draft.

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    Default Re: Kiper on Steelers' Draft AH

    "And don't forget: Holmes wasn't the top guy by any means. "


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    Default Re: Kiper on Steelers' Draft AH

    I hope they consider no WRs before Round 3 and then wish that Dorin Dickerson still is on the boards when they pick.

    Exellent hands and good speed, plus size. They could do a lot worse!

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    Default Re: Kiper on Steelers' Draft AH

    What round would Carlton Mitchell go off the board? Around 3? Dude looks like he can fly and has a big body.

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