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Thread: First Week of the Season

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    Default First Week of the Season

    Some impressions:

    Really like the top of the order;

    Middle of the order seems overmatched almost every game;

    GJones has barely hit one out of the infirled since the second game of the season and looks terrible in the OF;

    Pitcher batting 8th is working just fine;

    Snell and Gorzelanny (especially) pitched lights out games for their new teams. Ok, just one game, but makes me wonder what went wrong with them in Pittsburgh;

    Team is defintely more athletic and talented than in recent years, and there is more depth in the minors, but seems like thiis is going to be another tough year at the ML level for fans.

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    Default Re: First Week of the Season

    Good assessment. Need a little more time to assess our pitchers, but as of now I'm a bit worried. Sure hope Lincoln steps up.

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    Default Re: First Week of the Season

    For me Garrett's 3 homers have been the highlight of week 1, I can see him hitting easy 30-35, last year he hit 21 though he only played in about 80 games.

    Ronny Cedeno has had a stellar week with the bat.

    I want to see Ryan Church getting more playing time, though it's tough because we already have 3 of our best players in the out field (Jones, McCutchen, Milledge) Church is hitting .444, though he's only had 9 at-bats, his one at-bat turned a two-run game into a 7-2 Pittsburgh lead on opening day,

    Zach has really found his form early and is throwing strikes for fun, but we knew everyone in rotation below him will struggle, you can get away with poor pitching if you have a ton of offense to compensate, but if neither thing is working, it could get ugly...our -21 run differential is already 29th out of 30 MLB teams

    Still think 70-75 wins is achieveable. Next 12 games after they return from SF are all against divisional rivals, all we've done so far is play against west coast teams, but if we can go .500 in those games then it would be a pretty reasonable April.

    GO PIRATES!!!!
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    Default Re: First Week of the Season

    I agree with that assessment.

    The banner needs changed at the top of the page.

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    Default Re: First Week of the Season

    Ryan Doumit looks a little out of sync right now. Hopefully at some point soon he'll figure out what he's doing wrong. The first few games he managed a few semi-lucky hits and the big HR in game 1, but he's done nothing since. I think that's the only run he's driven in.

    Andrew McCutchen hasn't drawn a walk yet this year. I'd expect that to change pretty soon, but I feel like the 11% rate he put up last year is unrealistic. Throughout the minors he was only around 8%. I expect the OBP to drop a bit this year.

    Jeff Clement and Garrett Jones both look lost against lefties. Jones has a HR, but that's it. Clement has a bunch of strikeouts and reaching ground balls to the second baseman. The inning where Jones, Doumit, and Clement faced a LOOGY last night was painful to watch. A right handed bat with some power sure would be nice. Pedro Alvarez won't solve this problem at all.

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